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Measuring Virginia

Virginia Performs shows you how the state is doing in areas that affect the quality of life for you and your family. Explore these pages (horizontal main menu above) to learn more about Virginia's performance from region to region and compared to other states. For more data about your own community, you can explore our regional and locality performance maps. You can also see how Virginia state government is working on your behalf on our Agency Planning and Performance pages.

Measuring What Matters

New Indicator Gauges Virginia's Economic Diversity

Virginia's economy has been challenged in recent years by slowdowns in federal government spending. About 20 percent of the state's economy has been reliant on federal dollars (particularly in defense-related spending) that in turn affect the state's overall output, employment, and income levels.

To address these changes, Virginia has embarked on strategies to better diversify its economy, including cultivating private sector growth, developing new dynamic industries, and tapping into expanding national and international markets. Our new Economy indicator, Economic Diversity, explores Virginia's performance in this critical area.

New Dashboard Opens Ups Report Card Data

Virginia Performs tracks a number of goals and measures that specifically relate to Virginia's Workforce System and summarizes these on a Workforce System Report Card. However, all the detailed data behind the report card wasn't publicly available -- until now. Our new Workforce System Data Dashboard uses interactive graphs to highlight key measures in each main goal area; users can easily see discrete data points, highlight a particular region to view, and move at will between goal tabs.

Check it out!

Priorities Assessment

Virginia Performs now offers additional tools for assessing progress on Virginia's highest priorities. Many priorities go beyond organizational boundaries and require cooperative effort in order to affect performance in a meaningful way.

Tools for gauging that progress include Governor McAuliffe's 2014 Enterprise Strategic Priorities, as well as issue-focused report cards that have been collaboratively developed, often with partners outside state government.

Priorities Assessment content is available from any page on the site via a text link at top right.

From the Governor of Virginia:

The Commonwealth of Virginia is a spectacular place to live. We treasure the heritage and resources that contribute to our high quality of life, but it takes constant planning and fine tuning to maintain this quality and make needed improvements.

This website, brought to you by the Council on Virginia's Future, shows you how we measure the state's performance, plan for the future and monitor our progress. Explore the links above to see how we're working to make Virginia strong and healthy.

-- Governor Terry McAuliffe