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Measuring Virginia

Virginia Performs shows you how the state is doing in areas that affect the quality of life for you and your family. Explore these pages (main menu above) to learn more about the Commonwealth's performance from region to region and compared to other states. For more data about your own community, you can explore our regional and locality performance maps. You can also see how Virginia state government is working on your behalf on our Agency Planning and Performance pages.

Measuring What Matters

Light bulb with a Franklin $100 bill insideA New Indicator

Innovation and entrepreneurship are key drivers of long-term economic growth and vitality. Virginia Performs now has a new indicator -- Innovation and Entrepreneurship -- that offers a high-level review of these activities in the Commonwealth and includes measures for R&D funding, patents, high-tech firms, and venture capital outlay, among others.

New Report Cards

The new indicator dovetails with a new Innovation and Entrepreneurship Report Card. Developed in partnership with the Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) and using data culled from CIT's new Innovation and Entrepreneurship Measurement System, the report card tracks important measures along the innovation pipeline from idea to realized outcomes. Virginia Performs also has a new State Government Operations Report Card, as well as the latest version of the Workforce System Report Card.

Thumbnail of 2013 Virginia Report coverEach November, the Council on Virginia's Future publishes an annual report detailing Virginia's performance over the past year. The Virginia Report 2013 is now out and available for download. ( Web version, 8.6 mb | Full print version, 62.4 mb)

This year's report reveals a Virginia still working hard to create greater prosperity and achievement. The Commonwealth saw improved performance on several key indicators and a number of new data assessment instruments (see above) will allow the state to zero in further on some important drivers of success.

From the Governor of Virginia:

The Commonwealth of Virginia is a spectacular place to live. We treasure the heritage and resources that contribute to our high quality of life, but it takes constant planning and fine tuning to maintain this quality and make needed improvements.

This website, brought to you by the Council on Virginia's Future, shows you how we measure the state's performance, plan for the future and monitor our progress. Explore the links above to see how we're working to make Virginia strong and healthy.

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Enterprise Strategic Priorities

New enterprise-level strategic priorities serve as an additional baseline for assessing progress on key issues.

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